Learning to Fly

My friend Bob with our PA-22 Tripacer. This was the airplane I learned to fly with. Had some great times with this plane, taking up friends and making trips to New Hampshire and Maine while our seaplane was being built.

 While I was learning to fly, my partner Bob was buying real estate in northern Maine about 8 hours away. One property had a couple of nice log cabins located on Lake Parlin. Below is one of the cabins on the lake with my trusty pickup truck parked out front.

Here's a shot of the lake behind me.

So naturally the next move was to get a seaplane!

Well here it is!


 Not much to look at at this stage, but Bob said this would be a fine flying machine when we were done. So I finished getting my ticket in the TriPacer and started dreaming about flying the Maine back country in a "bush plane."

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