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Here I share some adventures, interests, and other things I find important. There are handy links to some of my other websites and other useful information (to me anyway.) If you have common interests and find it useful, by all

means browse and enjoy!

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First of all, God is the most important thing in my life and you'll find links and discussion here.

Second is my wife and family and the time we spend together. This is a place where we share memories we have made with friends and family. The photo albums and personal items are security protected but if you are a friend, or family, just shoot me an email and I send you the password to get full access.

As you look around my site, you'll see that I love machines and mechanical things. Anything that rides, glides, flies, or floats. Its all good!

I love the sea. It has always intrigued me. It commands respect, and keeps me humble. It is a place where poor decisions can lead to your death very quickly. Boating, fishing, enjoying the beach,and hanging out with other people that share that same passion is what I love to do.

Airplanes and flying are another. I learned to fly when I was young and had a couple of small single engine airplanes. Both were very old, fabric covered airplanes but they were lots of fun. Flying float planes (planes on pontoons) in the back country was my favorite. Not actively flying anymore, but my company works on some of the highest tech aircraft hardware there is. but I still love flying machines.

Motorcycles are another passion. I just love the sense of freedom you feel winding down a country road, wind in your hair, smelling the roses and taking in the unobstructed views that you just can't get sitting in an car.