We contracted with Jim Allen of Allen aviation in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, to put our project together. Bob knew what he wanted and designed a great bush plane based on the PA-12 airframe. Jim took care of the mods and approvals, and did an outstanding job of finishing the aircraft. We purchased a set of EDO 2000 floats from the Twitchell's at Turner Aviation, and flew the plane up there to have them fitted to the plane. Below is a picture of the modified PA-12 back at East Haddam CT, on our launch trailer.

Some of the giveaways that this is no ordinary PA-12 are the wing booster tips, PA-18 flaps on the wings & counter balanced elevators, rear access door to the long fishing rod storage compartment, skylight over the pilot seat (awesome views when looping the plane). A trained eye would see PA-18 engine cowlings installed for the O320 engine conversion, and the oversize "Borer" prop. Much more laid under the surface. This was an amazing and fun airplane that let us fly into tiny ponds to fish where no one else could go.

Below is a picture I took flying our TriPacer, while Bob flew the PA-12. I got my seaplane rating in this plane and had some very memorable time with this machine.