LCD TV Mount

After the theft of our original LCD TV, the search began for a new model. The broad aluminum frame of the original TV left only a 15" screen. By selecting a unit with a narrower frame, we we able to fit a 19" in the same cabinet. It is just slightly larger than the opening, but the articulating mount would not allow the TV to fit inside the cabinet anyway. The prices have come way down on these LCDs. We paid under $300.00 at Sam's Club for this "High Definition" model.


The wide screen High Definition TV makes for much better viewing of DVD's with the Bose home entertainment system 

The mount allows tilting and swing out for optimum viewing angles. The 19" screen is about as large as you would want to go in such confined quarters. The picture is a little grainy when using standard satellite feed, but should be much better when HD satellite becomes available.

The mount is by Peerless Industries.

10/31/16 Update: This mount is no longer available, but a similar mount has replaced it:

SmartMount® Articulating Wall Mount

For 10"-29" Displays

Model: SA730P

Both these mounts have adjustable tensioning on the arms to hold the TV is place while the boat rolls and pitches.