Mainship mounted the mirror in the head on a downward sloping wall. This forced me to be on my knees to do anything that required the mirror. After my first shave while on my knees, I decided that this simple would not do. The first winter project would be a medicine cabinet that would angle the mirror to a usable position. I went down to the local cabinet shop a pickup up a couple pieces of cherry and went to work. First, I took down the mirror and the adjacent port light bezel to see what might be behind, before cutting. I discovered there was about 4" of free space behind the wall, and I could build a recessed cabinet there. So I carefully cut out a panel from behind the mirror and saved it as the back end of my cabinet.  As you can see, mainship labeled this cabin assembly as #105 when my hull is number #106. (I wonder if hull number #105 has my cabin?) Well anyway you can see the cabinet is made to fit the downward sloping wall, while tipping the mirror back a little to make it more convenient.

The lower shelf is a little over seven inches deep while the upper shelf is more like four inches deep.

The shelf is bedded to the wall with 3M 5200. Below shows how I braced it will the sealant cured.

Here is the finished product after the mirror has been hung with hinges to the right, and magnetic catch on the left to keep it closed. As you can see me standing in the doorway taking a picture of the mirror, I no longer have to kneel to see my face. It may not sound like much, but when you spend this much money for a yacht, you do expect to be able to shave while standing!

Click here for a printable PDF of the sketch