Where to store the fishing rods? Well, when we're not cruising or relaxing, we're out fishing. The problem is rod storage. keeping them on the bridge under the seats works but it isn't very convenient and its gets messy when there are too many of them. On the single engined, 400 Trawler, there is some very handy space along the starboard fuel tank, that works great for hanging some fishing rods. There are two stantions, supporting the cabin floor, that make great place to put up som rod holders. I cut two sets of 4 rod holders, and fastened them back to back on each side of the stantions with hose clamps.

I now have room for 8 rods. They are out of the way, off to the starboard side of the hatch, and do not interfere with access to the engine. The were cut from 1/2" "Starboard" plastic lumber. The height of the compartment allow the rods to be placed on 6 inch centers so the reels do not touch the rods below. Rods should be 7' or under, to fit well in this area.