The dinghy cover serves several purposes. First is to keep the sun off the dinghy, to help with longevity of the boat. Second is to keep dirt, pollen, and other airbourn pollutants out of the boat while providing a dry place to keep the life jackets and other dinghy related items. The overhead cross bar, on the davit that I constructed, makes a perfect spot to suspend the cover from, keeping water from accumulating on the cover. Zippers on both ends allow the cover  to be opened for convenient storage of light bulky items.

Note that the motor is stored on the dink, with the motor rotated so it points backwards. This allows the tramsom door to open and close without interference. The lifting straps are adjusted so the dink sits just above the tramsom and the inboard tube end is wedged between the davit upright and the bridgedeck support tube. This helps keep the dink from swinging in a rolling sea. From this angle, the 9' dink appears to extend far beyond the port side gunwhale, but it is just about even with the side of the boat.