Going out often, short of crew with this boat, I found it difficult to spring the boat to a pier using the factory installed cleats. Running a rear spring to the midship cleat will still allow the stern to swing out into my nieghbors boat, which is less that 2 feet away. The rear cleat on the outside of the transom, was just not very accesable, when trying to run the boat, and get it secured to the pier by myself. The solution was to add another cleat on the pad behind the fuel fill. This area is over 5/8" thick of solid fiberglass and makes an idea location for a spring cleat.

When coming into my slip, I can very easily slip the rear spring over this cleat, then inch the boat ahead to take up the slack. As that happens, the stern is drawn against the finger. Then I can leave the boat in forward gear, to leave the boat pinned against the finger. Then I can tie up the bow and stern, put on the forward spring, and shut down the engine. I also do the same when leaving the slip short handed, just in reverse order. This is real handy when the wind is blowing off the pier, whether coming or going.