Eventually the strainer basket will need to be replaced. A frequently asked question is what is the replacement strainer basket for the 400? The OEM strainer on Stella Blue is a Perko series 0493 #0493009PLB. I can't say Mainship used these on all the single engine 400's, but the picture below will assist you in identifying if yours is the same.

The strainer basket is prone to crevice crack corrosion where the handle/pull is attached to the body. It is spot welded and is not easily repairable after if fails. The replacement basket is #049300999D. It is about 12 1/4" tall to the top edge on the basket, and the OD at the base is about 3 1/4". They are not cheap. In 2016 the basket list price was $165.00, but I was able to obtain a new one online for $115.00. If you do try to repair yours and the pull loop has become completely detached, the overall height is 15 3/4".