Make mine a Mainship!

Here's a quick note I received from a fellow 400 owner, who was an Albin dealer for a number of years. I have withheld his name for obvious reasons, but I think this says alot about Mainship.


"Many thanks for the reply. Also my congrats on your web site. It is excellent and will be very helpful to us. I think you are "right on" with Petzolds and Mainship. You may know that we were Albin dealers at Pine Island. I could have bought an Albin dirt cheap as recently as a month ago. We chose Mainship for our last 3 boats. Sometimes a fancy" boat has its issues. We had a Northeast 400 motor sailor Hull #2 and while very nice I do not think its joinery was all that much better than the Mainships that we have had, and it had its design flaws inspite of the fact that it was essentially a custom boat."